How to get Daedric Armor in 2 hours or less

1: How to craft Skyrim’s best Armor in 2 hours or less

Daedric Armor May be one of the best armors in the game but  within 2 hours you can easily make a full set for yourself.

  • Visit the blacksmith in Whiterun (Adrianne Avenicci) and buy all of her iron ingots and leather strips from her.
  • Once you have about 600-ish ingots and strips (you will be overencumbered J) you need to check your inventory for any smithing gear and/or potions. If you have any, wear them. If not, you will still do just fine.
  • Start smithing Iron daggers until you run out (You should be at least level 90 smithing.) From training Smithing you will get 2-6 skill points (Depends on your level.) You will need to spend those on the smithing tree.  Dwarven –> Orcish –> Daedric.
  • You will then need to get 4 Daedra hearts. They are very hard to acquire unless you go to The College of Winterhold and and talk to Enthir. Buy 2 Daedra hearts from him then wait 48 hours and buy 2 more.
  • Now you are going to need ebony. Go to Gloomburg mine and sneak/fight your way in. Once you get inside the mine, get a pickaxe laying on the ground and mine most of the many ebony ore deposits. Once you have cleared out the mine, go outside to Whiterun and use the smelter to make ebony ingots. Then walk over to the forge and enjoy your Daedric Armor.  🙂
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